OFC Nations Cup qualifications

CompetitionsQualificationOFC Nations Cup qualifier

Competition summary

Tournaments held1
Total participating teams5
Total games played10
Type of competitionQualification
Geographical areaOceania
K coefficient
Competition weight in Elo ratings
Qualifying successfully
Automatic qualifications for hosts
and titles holders are ignored
New Caledonia
1 qualification
Papua New Guinea
1 qualification

OFC Nations Cup finals

All-time table of the OFC Nations Cup qualifiers


Tournaments details

ResultsParticipating teamsStatisticsGraphics
Elo before
Elo after
TournamentOpeningClosingQualified teams
2002March 9th, 2002March 18th, 2002
New Caledonia
Elo: 1158 - 162nd
Elo: 1130 - 166th
Papua New Guinea
Elo: 1024 - 185th
Elo: 1094 - 177th
Elo before
Elo after
TournamentParticipating teams
TournamentParticipating teamsGames playedTotal goalsAverage goalsLowest EloHighest EloAverage Elo

Elo ratings of participating teams

Minimum Elo
Average Elo
Maximum Elo

Average goals scored during tournaments

Average goals

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